JguyUSguy was founded by two guys -- a Japanese and an American.

The name was a screen name we used on some other site years ago. (Was it Geocities?) We built our first site on some free program and the screen name became the name of the site. Gradually, lots and lots of Japanese guys and non-Japanese guys started using our guestbook as a place to meet each other. At some point we decided to get a domain name. Since the site was already called JguyUSguy, we purchased that as a domain name.

When we say "non-Japanese" we mean everyone of every race or nationality. Lately, there have been lots of guys (both Japanese and non-Japanese) seeking Korean men. So, if you post a personal ad on JguyUSguy you are presumed to be a male seeking men, and it is presumed that one or more of the following statements describes you or your reason for posting:

  • You are seeking Japanese or Korean men (anywhere in the world)


  • You are Japanese or Korean (anywhere in the world)


  • You are seeking men inside Japan or Korea


  • You are at least partly of Japanese or Korean descent or grew up in Japan or Korea

If none of these statements describes you or your reason for posting a personal ad on JguyUSguy, you may still post. The moderators might remove such posts without notification, but are under no obligation to do so.

Please also see our other Guidelines.

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