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  1. You agree NOT to harm other members or visitors of the site in any way including but not limited to "stalking," inappropriately disclosing personal details publicly, or otherwise harassing.
  2. You certify that you will not use any information gained from this site to prosecute, harass, or abuse any individual or organization referenced herein. You will not exhibit any material of an explicitly adult nature from this site to a minor or any other person who might find such material personally offensive.
  3. You acknowledge that JguyUSguy does not prescreen material posted or transmitted on the site, but that we shall have the right (but not the obligation) in our sole discretion to review and edit, delete or refuse to post any material submitted for display or placed on the site, including but not limited to message board posts and photo personals. Without limiting the foregoing, we shall have the right to remove any material that violates these terms of use, that we believe in good faith may create liability for us, or that we deem is otherwise objectionable.
  4. You certify that you are over 18 and have read this website's Disclaimer.

As a member of this internet community you acknowledge that JguyUSguy moderators do not generally screen material posted or transmitted on the site, and that, this being so, you undertake to post responsibly, according to the standards you set yourself.

You acknowledge that JguyUSguy moderators maintain standards which may vary from yours, and you acknowledge that they maintain these standards for the purpose of the common good. You acknowledge that they reserve the right (not the obligation) to review, edit, delete or refuse any material submitted for posting to the site, at their sole discretion. Site activities subject to these provisions include, but are not limited to, message board posts and photo personals. Moderators at JguyUSguy shall maintain the right to remove any material that violates these terms of use. They will take such action only if, in good faith, they believe that the questionable material could – or is likely to – create discord, disharmony, or (in extreme cases) violate Japanese law.

You accept that a review process is in place at JguyUSguy, established to protect the integrity of the site. This process is for the review of any material transmitted to and posted herein and could result in the censoring of any incoming material, as noted above. You further accept that an intervention by the moderator may involve refusal of site access to the member who is deemed to have violated these stated provisions and guidelines.

Within all areas of the community forums:

  • No spamming
  • No harassment
  • No stalking

Personal ads

  • Limit ads to one geographical area.
  • Do not post telephone numbers.

If you post a personal ad on JguyUSguy you are presumed to be a male seeking men, and it is presumed that one or more of the following statements describes you or your reason for posting:

  • You are seeking Japanese or Korean men (anywhere in the world)


  • You are Japanese or Korean (anywhere in the world)


  • You are seeking men inside Japan or Korea


  • You are at least partly of Japanese or Korean descent or grew up in Japan or Korea

If none of these statements describes you or your reason for posting a personal ad on JguyUSguy, you may still post. The moderators might remove such posts without notification, but are under no obligation to do so.

Photo posting rules
Pics with dicks are restricted to the following places:

  • Premium forums
  • Inside forum
  • One's own personal ad in the personals boards.

Marketplace ads
Ads should be targeted to JguyUSguy users. Ads for such things as rooms for rent or personal services (from escort/massage to hair styling) are acceptable. Ads for sewing machine manufacturing plant parts are not. Escorts, please be discreet. Don't mention prices. Don't post telephone numbers.

Discussion board topics and replies
The discussion boards are open to registered members only, and registration is free. This is a space for JguyUSguy community members to share information, ideas and advice in a conversational manner. It is not a space for members to promote personal agendas, engage in harassment of others, or personally attack a member for his views.

The role of the moderators
The moderators review all material posted in the forums in order to ascertain that the forum participants are abiding by the Mission Statement, the Terms of Use and any other guidelines. Moderators’ judgments may be thoughtfully questioned, but not disregarded or mocked. They rarely take disciplinary actions and certainly do not do so lightly. They reserve the right to make judgment calls and take disciplinary action should they find any of the following occurring in the forums:

  • faction-building for the sake of winning verbal battles
  • ad hominem attacks (arguments against the person and not against the ideas he is presenting)
  • trolling (starting a provocative thread with the intent of eliciting outraged responses or responses that will create discord)
  • ego-agenda pushing
  • snide innuendo

Should a moderator confront a member engaging in any of these behaviors, denying responsibility for the post’s tone or the underlying intention will not matter. The moderators are fully aware of their roles and have the experience to recognize offensive material. They will not accept the argument that interpreting another individual’s “intentions” is invalid. Although some may feel that interpretation is subjective and fallible, concrete evidence of a user’s intention to slur somebody with innuendo or to push his own “ego-agenda” is not required in order to reprimand an offending member. The moderators will weigh opposing interpretations and choose the one that is shown to be most plausible. When reviewing posts, they ask themselves such questions as, “Is this interesting for users?” “Is it helpful?” “Will this offend some users?” “Does it fit within our Mission Statement?”...and so on.

Any forum member who finds a post that he feels requires the attention of the moderators may click on the warning button in the lower right-hand corner of every post and describe the situation.

Moderator actions for violations

  • FIRST STEP: Soft moderation
    A moderator who finds the guidelines have been transgressed will remind the user of the purpose of the thread and point out where in the Mission Statement, the Terms of Use or other guidelines the violation has occurred.
  • SECOND STEP: Private warning and/or moderation setting
    “Moderation setting” means that the user’s registration information will be tagged so that anything he posts will not go live onto the boards immediately, but will be sent to an approval queue to be approved or rejected by a moderator. Such moderation is not used often, and is usually only temporarily (a week, a month). This process is used mostly for outside spammers or new users who don’t know any better than to post the same personal ad to a hundred different boards.
  • THIRD STEP: Membership suspension
    The offending member will be sent a reason for the suspension. He will not be allowed to log into the site, and new registrations from his IP address will be banned.
Also see: Mission Statement

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