The JguyUSguy website is devoted to providing a constructive, respectful and engaging venue where Japanese and non-Japanese men may meet up, chat, have fun, network and exchange ideas.

Jguy and USguy created ‘JguyUSguy’ as an Internet community, where Japanese and non-Japanese men can meet, explore possible relationships of every kind and share ideas, knowledge, wit, insight, encouragement and advice. The site is intended to be a safe space where members may associate freely, without fear of pressure, personal attack or verbal harassment. In the site's discussion forums, we support an honest, open and relaxed interplay of ideas and information.

Users of the site are required to show respect for those they meet here, regardless of nationality, cultural background, language proficiency, humor or sexuality.

All JguyUSguy members are expected to comply with our Terms of Use and Forum Guidelines. These are designed to promote good relations, ensure respect for members' views and protect their dignity and privacy.

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