Uncensored Japanese gay videos

February 10th, 2012 | Taddy

Here are some great sources of gay videos featuring Japanese and East Asian guys, some of which you’re definitely going to want to bookmark.

If you like Japanese guys, I highly recommend the JP BOYS  series. Yes, this is all Storm Planning content recycled from the past decade. Yes, you could have bought these at any Japanese video/DVD shop any time from the late 1990s to the late 2000s. But now you can get it all without mosaic block. In other words, now you can see every splendid Japanese cock on every hot boy model. For example check out JP Boys 25: Scene 9, which you may have seen in its original, censored version in Love Vacation from Cheeks.

Remember these guys?

Now you can see that glorious blowjob without mosaic censoring. Clear as day. No blurring. Just gorgeous cock.

Later, the boys fuck without a condom (bareback), which I wish they wouldn’t do. But it’s beautiful, too.

Need help searching the web for Japanese gay video? Here are some Japanese studios and series that you might search for: DANJI VIDEO, KO COMPANY, LIKEBOYS, ACCEED, YEAAH, COAT-KURATATSU, COAT WEST, VIDEO BADI, MANNHOUSE, EROTIC SCAN, SECRET FILM, GO-GUY PLUS , JOINAC, BANANA LAND, GEMMA, FIELD EXPRESS, SURF SURF REVOLUTION.

How to know whether gay Japanese video is your kind of entertainment.

First of all, let’s assume that you’re a male  who likes men. There are gay videos made for every type and fetish. Maybe you like macho hunks in uniforms — brawny, muscular, hard studs. Yes? Or maybe you like older, chubby bears in suits. Anyway, if you’ve read this far, you probably see yourself with a man with a sexy body in Japan. Am I right?

Maybe you dig younger gay boyz. Would you fancy a college gym shower together with some tanned, toned, Japanese students masturbating together? Maybe you fantasize about tasting the cum on a hawt, Asia surfer boy or playing around with muscled guys in their underwear. Imagine yourself in a threesome with gorgeous Johnny’s boys named Yuta and Masato. Perhaps you’d love to be fucked by some handsome young twinks. If you’ve read this far, you like sex.

Do gay Asian  boys turn you on? How about straight-but-curious Japanboyz? Ever seen a webcam clip of a cute, horny, slim teen doing his solo thing amateur style? So hot. How about watching a group of guys fucking on video? Hot twink foursome. Oh, yes, you must be a boy lover.

So, you like gay porn, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. You want to fondle a monster cock. You want Jetwang to finish his jerking by giving you a facial. Plain old sucking and cumming may not be enough. Am I right? Perhaps a handjob or blowjob is mere foreplay to you. In that case, it’s probable that you need the anal butt fuck thing. The ass. Right? Oh yeah! Still reading?

What all this may mean is that you like uncensored gay videos from Japan. You crave access to exclusive movies. You’re a male who views porn on the tube. You may be one of those members who votes up interracial clips. Gay photos may not be enough to satiate your desire. Maybe you play with heavy toys while orgasm-ing to your fave DVD stars.

Anyway, keep checking this blog. Much more to cum.

5 Responses to “Uncensored Japanese gay videos”

  1. Fanduster says:

    I like what you’ve written – very stylish copy!
    But you left out one category which I like best – storyline videos. For me there HAS to be a story – it can be something really simple e.g. delivery boy, Hotel Room Service,
    home from school etc. I just like to know the context. The famous Nonke films (rush hour rape) is a special category – realtime events with a storyline quality. So is there any source of Japanese porn that tells a story? Just curious.

  2. Taddy says:

    Fanduster, I know exactly what you mean. There are some Japanese videos that have exciting stories and some that don’t. And the weakness in the heavily edited (though uncensored) versions of these old Cheeks and Storm Planning vids that we get in our AEBN theater is exactly the loss of any story that may have been in the originals. Actually, Storm Planning had the weirdest story lines to start with, and the stuff that’s in our VOD shop is kind of abridged/truncated.

    Have you seen gay porn from Korea? There hasn’t been much of it but there are some interesting stories. This one, for example:

    Hey, you thought my copy was stylish? Haha. I wrote it up in the middle of the night last night. It’s sales copy, but I had some fun with it.

    Hope to hear more from you. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. Fanduster says:

    If i could be a Japanese for three years, (in my dreams) I would start a whole new trend in Japanese films – knowing that Nihon guys are, already, the raunchiest and classiest boys in the world. On a typical Fanduster shoot: The actors would be forbidden from even touching each other – or anyone – until Day Two. This prohibition would have the effect of making them gradually more and more desperate for sex.
    Day One of filming would cover all the storyline shots – let’s say two students meet on the bus, start chatting then go to one of their homes together. (Whatever.) Day Two would cover all the horny stuff. By this time the actors would be desperate to make love and the sex would be steamyville. So the scenes would be a great success. Interviews with the boys? Not before the shoot – AFTER the shoot – when we all have the hots for them anyway…
    Why am I writing this? Maybe I’m losing my wits….

  4. Fanduster says:

    Yes – thanks for reminding me of the Korean robbery film!
    I love it precisely for the reasons I raised. All sex happens in context.
    And human beings love stories. Look at Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, etc.
    “Suspension of disbelief” is the key to our love of drama – pornographers need to accept this. The French film-maker Cadinot got it right every time.
    Even so – there’s plenty of good material in your shop!

  5. Jimmy Jones says:

    Sometimes I look at these videos. What’s it like to be present at a filming session and see what goes on? Not participate, just watch silently and stay out of the way. Do any of the studios you cite allow that?

    TIA and regards,