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How often have we all noticed that East Asia remains internally divided by long-held prejudices, regional rivalries, and bitter histories of brutal conflicts never forgotten? And it's probably natural that it can take centuries before atrocities become bygones. But...

Think about it
Wouldn't loving be better than hating? Take a moment and try to visualize East Asian men united in love with men from inside and outside of East Asia. And who better to lead the way than gay and bisexual males? We're built for loving!

Men, men, men...
EAM4M is about building networks and love relationships. It's also about hot sex. It's a social network that unites East and West at the same time that it unites East and East. It's about having a truly international gay community. It's about men for men. Western men (black, white, brown, yellow) and Asian men (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese and... you know... the rest of Asia).

...in private
EAM4M is a secure, private network where even closeted guys can practice being "out."

C'mon over and join us. Make some EAM4M friends. See who's online tonight. Click a name and invite a hot guy to use EAM4M's private webcam messenger! Set up some hot dates. Exchange hot videos. Create groups. Expand your contacts in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Australia, America, Europe, or wherever you're going. That's what EAM4M is for.

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